TeX Writer and TeX Equation Release Notes

Recently we have updated both TeX Writer and TeX Equation. Now they share a same compilation core. This will make our future update much easier.

For TeX Writer, we add a spell checker. You can enable it from TeX Writer settings by selecting a spell dictionary. Instead of putting all dictionaries in the app, we have a list of dictionaries on the cloud so you can pick the ones you need and install in your device. In this way, we can keep the app package as small as possible. The philosophy behind is that the users should not be forced to download anything he/she doesn’t need.

The TeX editor inside TeX Writer also highlights formulas between a pair of $, such as $x_1$. By default it is shown in red, but you can use the following command in twinit.l to redefine:

(set-string-color <red> <green> <blue> 1)

red/green/blue are numbers in range 0 to 1.0.

TeX Equation now offers three ways to get the equation images out:

  1. Copy as PDF. Most recommended way. Keeps high resolution.
  2. Copy as PNG. Retina resolution, transparent background.
  3. Export to album as JPEG. Retina resolution, no transparency. Too bad iOS doesn’t offer a way to save PNG to album.
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7 Responses to TeX Writer and TeX Equation Release Notes

  1. Dam says:

    Is there a way to add a dictionary manually? If there isn’t, it would be a nice addition (mexican spanish, or even just spanish, would be very useful for me).

  2. Christine says:

    Thank you for the *incredibly* useful app, and sorry for posting this here… (registration on your forum seems to be broken, at least from ipad safari).

    A while ago ‘import bib files’ was on your to-do list. Any hope of getting that fix in sometime soon? I’m trying to download a template from a website, and I cannot get the .bib file into either dropbox or TeX Writer, for love nor money.

    The file: https://engineering.purdue.edu/~mark/puthesis/template/all.bib
    Linked from here (scroll down): https://engineering.purdue.edu/~mark/puthesis/#READ

    Since, I suppose, the ‘.bib’ suffix isn’t associated with either TeX Writer or Dropbox, I don’t get the ‘open in’ option for this link. Safari won’t even let me copy and paste the text of the file over. Seemed like maybe this would be a quick fix, and I’d be *very* grateful.

    • litchie litchie says:

      Thank you for reporting the forum problem. Fixed now.

      Adding bib suffix is a quick fix. Anything else I should add?

  3. T says:

    This is great – but how are you coming with the ability to access and synchronize with a WebDAV servers?

  4. litchie litchie says:

    Go to the settings and select a dictionary.

  5. Sadik Boujaida says:

    Please, how can i use the spell checker. His not doing anything.

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